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Why Customization

Personalized gifts are adorned with a personal touch

The 11th edition of the Deloitte Consumer Review focuses on the massive growth  of personalisation. Mass personalisation is finally becoming a reality as it is at the front line of serving consumers in many niche businesses. This is not just limited in measuring specifically what each individual consumer wants but also positioning themselves to link their process and resources to provide it. In the era of the digital world, consumers are increasingly dictating what they want. They want the products and services they buy to be personalised.

The dilemma on what gift to present to our loved ones has become alarming which has raised the percentage of mass personalisation in our world today. You have been to amazing shopping malls or outlet stores in search of the perfect gift for an occasion but still haven’t found something that gives you the assurance that Yeah!! This is exactly what he or she would love. Mass personalisation has uplifted the troubles of “what will i get” personalisation of gift is the latest trend in town.

Personalised gifts are unique:

The uniqueness of personalised gifts cannot be measured. Customized gifts speak a lot about the receiver’s personality. They are not regular gifts gotten for outlet stores or malls.

Personalised gifts are adorned with a personal touch:

They are made exclusively for a person or occasion by having their name or company logo or picture engraved or imprinted on a photo frame, mug, keyrings, pen, throw pillows, t-shirts etc.they let the recipient know that this is specifically made and selected for  them

Personalised gifts can be treasured forever:

They are highly valued unlike ordinary reguler gifts like candies, cakes and flowers that can be forgotten easily, personalised gifts are treasured forever as a token of love and memory. Imagine gifting your husband a personalised necklace pendant with your picture in it, this will surely bring back sweet memories each time they look at it.

They break barriers of age and are perfect for any occasion:

Getting a gift for a colleague, friend or wedding anniversary,  personalised gifts are unrivaled choices. They go a long way as they are not just gifts but galores of memories.

They make one stand out in the crowd;

People go for regular gifts like flowers, candies etc to extend their love and heartfelt wishes for their loved ones, instead of those, one can go for personalised items or gifts that are certain to stand out in the crowd and call the attention of the recipient at first sight.

Personalised gifts help build a stronger connection;

They speak directly to the recipient’s heart, this builds a stronger and firm connection with loved ones. They help express the gesture of love, gratitude and appreciation in a more unique form that shows the recipient that they are loved and accepted for who they are.

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